Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist and a Marriage Officer

Pastor Rirhandzu Sylvester Makhuvele is a clinical pastoral psychotherapist, and is registered with CPSC. He holds B.TH Hons Degree (Practical Theology) from Unisa, and is a masters candidate (MTH Practical Theology) Unisa. He also obtained other counselling certificates from family life centre (Famsa). Sylvester has a rich experience in counselling as he worked for Family South Africa (Famsa) for 5 years, doing counselling and facilitated training workshops. He has the background and experience to do counselling on trauma and grief issues, marital /relationship matters to cross-cultural people, religious, academic and business sectors. Sylveter is a registered Licensed Marriage Officer in South Africa licensed to solemnizing and officiate Marriages. Rirhandzu is also featuring at Radio Pulpit’s weekdays programs reaching global audience and is also at the Radio Pulpit Counseling Department. He was hosted by the SABC2 on the program called Vusaseki to address matters relating to grief counselling and raising children. Sylvester was also hosted by SABC Radio Munghana lonene fm in the program called Minkondzo ya Tinghwazi (footprints of the heroes) a program acknowledging people who make a difference in the community.